Who we are

At Patent355, we're not just another product design and development studio. We believe in pioneering a paradigm shift in the world of design — one that places behavior at its core. With an expertise that marries the intricate nuances of human behavior with the precision of cutting-edge design principles, our approach transcends conventional boundaries. We don't just craft products; we sculpt experiences that resonate, captivate, and engage.

In today's dynamic digital landscape, understanding user behavior is the linchpin of creating interfaces that not only look aesthetically appealing but also feel intrinsically right. Every curve, every hue, and every interaction is meticulously designed based on behavioral insights, ensuring that our solutions seamlessly integrate into the user's daily life.

At the heart of Patent355 lies an unyielding passion for reimagining the digital realm. We champion a behavior-first philosophy, ensuring that every product we shape not only meets the user's needs but also elevates their digital journey to unprecedented heights. Join us in this revolution, where behavior and design converge to redefine the future of digital experiences.

The origin of Patent355

My grandfather, Henry J. Walter, was born in Vienna, Austria. He arrived in the United States as a teenager with nothing more than a high school education. Undaunted, he worked his way up to the position of Vice President of Clairol, and was named as an inventor on over 50 patents throughout his life.

After a successful career, on March 16th, 1984, he filed his final patent. This invention revolutionized the world of personal care appliances like hair rollers, curling irons, massager attachments, and body brush attachments. By using induction heating, he solved the long-standing issues of slow heating and safety hazards.

This patent can still be found today under patent number 4499355.

Patent355 carries forward my grandfather's spirit of exploration and innovation. We strive to embody his values in all the work we do, sparking a sense of curiosity in our clients, colleagues and companies we invest in. We challenge ourselves to lead with an inquisitive mindset, and to create solutions that push the limits of innovation. We are always asking questions and we too strive to leave our own mark on this world, just as my grandfather did.

-- Nate Andorsky
Founder | Patent355

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