Deciphering Human Behavior
The Untapped Key to Tech Innovation

In the digital age where technology evolves at breakneck speed, what truly sets a product apart isn't just its tech prowess but its deep understanding of human behavior. 'Decoding The Why' unveils the hidden psychology driving your users, offering an invaluable blend of behavioral science and product design insights.

If you're seeking the key to elevate your digital products and harness the power of subconscious motivations, you're at the right place. Dive in to discover how blending technology and human behavior can revolutionize your business, foster user engagement, and propel you to the forefront of innovation.

Build Products That Stick

Decoding the Why explores how high growth companies can integrate the power of behavioral science to accelerate product & go-to-market strategies.

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Nate Andorsky's book is a powerful tool for integrating behavioral science into product design. By Decoding the Why, we can build better products and better lives."

Nir Eyal

Best selling author of Hooked

In this fabulous book, Nate Andorsky explains the often invisible, yet powerful, forces uncovered by behavioral science which may be the last great hope of transformation in a business world which finds itself ever more deeply stuck in the same rut.

Rory Sutherland

Vice Chairman | Ogilvy

About Decoding the Why

Decoding the Why is a story-driven exploration on how companies can build, scale, and optimize new products and revenue streams leveraging behavioral science.

Through engaging anecdotes, compelling experimental findings, and exclusive insight from trailblazers in behavioral product design, Nate Andorsky uncovers why so many new product and revenue initiatives fail to live up to their potential.

Technology has driven progress for decades, and industries have reacted accordingly by dedicating enormous amounts of time and resources to progress in this domain by building bigger, faster, and more sophisticated systems. But what if the key to unlocking the potential of your venture is not simply faster, better technology, but rather an understanding of what drives human behavior?

Unlock the untapped potential of technology by understanding the heart of human behavior with 'Decoding The Why' by Nate Andorsky. Dive deep into the neuroscience revealing that 95% of human thoughts and emotions are subconscious and explore how tech products can leverage these insights for success.

From the pitfalls of traditional feedback methods like focus groups to the transformative power of behavioral science in product design, this book offers a groundbreaking perspective. Whether you're in tech, design, or simply curious about the future of digital products, 'Decoding The Why' offers a visionary roadmap to creating impactful and effective technological solutions

What You'll Learn

Subconscious Human Behavior

Dive deep into the neuroscience that reveals how 95% of our thoughts, emotions, and decisions originate from the subconscious, and understand its implications on tech product design.

Limitations of Traditional Feedback

Analyze why traditional methods like focus groups and user feedback might not provide the complete picture, and how relying solely on these can hinder a product's potential.

Integrating Behavioral Science into Tech

Learn the methodologies and strategies for intertwining behavioral science into the core of technology products, ensuring they resonate more effectively with users.

Factors Driving Human Behavior

Discover the various cognitive, emotional, and social factors that underpin human actions and decisions, and how technology can be tailored to these intrinsic motivators.

Potential of Behavioral-First Tech Approach

Explore the vast opportunities and transformative impacts a behavioral-first strategy can have, from personal apps to wide-reaching social tech initiatives.

Case Studies in Behavioral Product Design

Delve into engaging anecdotes and insights from industry leaders who have successfully implemented behavioral science into their products, offering both inspiration and practical guidance.

The Benefits for You and Your Company

By harnessing the power of behavioral science, as detailed in "Decoding The Why", businesses can unlock transformative growth, improved customer relations, and drive product innovation, placing them at the forefront of the modern digital landscape.

Enhanced User Engagement

By understanding subconscious human behavior, businesses can tailor their products to deeply resonate with users, leading to increased activity and user retention.

Increased Conversion Rates

Leveraging behavioral insights, companies can refine their user journeys and call-to-actions, resulting in higher conversions and improved sales.

Optimized Marketing Strategies

With a grasp on the psychological triggers of their target audience, businesses can craft more compelling and impactful marketing campaigns.

Product Development Efficiency

By integrating a behavioral-first approach in the design phase, businesses can reduce the need for extensive redesigns and iterations later on.

Stronger Brand Trust

By manufacturing social norms and understanding signals of trust, businesses can build stronger relationships with their customers, fostering loyalty and brand advocacy.

Competitive Advantage

In an era where tech advancements are at par, a deep understanding of behavioral science can give businesses the edge in creating standout products.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

By aligning products with the innate desires and needs of users, businesses can enhance overall customer satisfaction and positive word-of-mouth.

Data-Driven Decisions

Move beyond mere quantitative data and leverage qualitative behavioral insights for more holistic decision-making processes.

Sustainable Growth

By fostering a connection between intention and action in users, businesses can achieve more sustainable growth and reduce churn.

Innovation Leadership

Pioneering the fusion of technology and behavioral science can position businesses as leaders in innovation within their respective industries.

Decoding the Why Chapters

Introduction: How to Use This Book

Part I: The New Era of Product Design

  • Chapter 1: The Next Product Revolution Will Be Psychological
  • Chapter 2: Humans Are Complicated

Part II: Meeting Our Futureselves

  • Chapter 3: Why We Fail to Meet Our Future Selves
  • Chapter 4: Imagining Your Future Self
  • Chapter 5: Desire to Achieve
  • Chapter 6: Bridging the Gap Between Intention and Action
  • Chapter 7: Don’t Break the Chain

Part III: Born to Follow

  • Chapter 8: The Cues We Take From Others
  • Chapter 9: Manufacturing a Social Norm
  • Chapter 10: Signals of Trust
  • Chapter 11: Never Out of the Game

Part IV: How We Decide

  • Chapter 12: Decisions, Decisions
  • Chapter 13: It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Say It
  • Chapter 14: Something to Lose
  • Chapter 15: The Power of Peanuts and Defaults
  • Chapter 16: Driven by Emotion

Part V: The Future of Behavioral Science

  • Chapter 17: The Future of Behavioral Science
  • Chapter 18: Integrating a Behavioral-First Approach

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