Customer Discovery Services

Unlocking Hidden Opportunities through In-Depth Customer Insights

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Problems We Solve

In today's competitive landscape, understanding your customers' needs and preferences is more critical than ever. Our Customer Discovery Services tackle challenges head-on.


Lack of Customer Understanding

Many businesses struggle to truly understand their customers' needs and preferences. Without this understanding, it's challenging to create products and strategies that resonate with your target audience.

Missed Opportunities

Companies often miss out on valuable opportunities to improve their offerings because they lack insights into their customers' pain points and desires. This leads to missed revenue and growth potential.

Ineffective Product Development

Without a deep understanding of customer needs, businesses invest resources in developing products that don't meet customer expectations, leading to wasted time, effort, and resources.

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Our Process

Our customer discovery process is enhanced by the power of behavioral science. By delving into the psychology behind consumer decisions, we unlock deeper insights that drive effective customer discovery strategies. Through a comprehensive five-step approach, we ensure that every decision you make aligns with your customers' behaviors and motivations, leading to more impactful results.

Behavior Analysis and Research

We begin by conducting in-depth behavior analysis and research to understand the psychological factors influencing your target audience's decisions. By delving into the cognitive and emotional drivers of behavior, we uncover valuable insights that inform your customer discovery efforts.

Persona and Journey Mapping

Next, we create detailed customer personas and journey maps based on the behavioral insights we've gathered. These personas go beyond demographics, diving into the underlying motivations and preferences that drive your customers' interactions with your product or service.

Behavioral Experimentation

In this phase, we design and implement behavioral experiments to validate our hypotheses and gain a deeper understanding of customer reactions. By testing different behavioral interventions, we uncover actionable insights that guide your customer discovery strategy.

Data Analysis and Interpretation

We analyze the data collected from experiments to identify patterns and trends in customer behavior. Our experts interpret the results to provide you with actionable recommendations for optimizing your customer discovery process and refining your business strategies.

Case Study: Yearly

↑ 270% ARR | ↑ 146% ACV | ↓ $80k cost

Using realistic prototypes & behavioral science to unlock the next level of growth

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The Benefits

At each stage during the product lifecycle different challenges arise.
We're there every step of the way.

Informed Decision-Making

Leverage behavioral insights to make informed decisions that resonate with your target audience, increasing the success rate of your product or service launch.

Strategic Alignment

Align your business strategies with your customers' behaviors and preferences, ensuring that your offerings are tailored to meet their needs effectively.

Reduced Risk

By understanding customer behavior, you minimize the risk of investing resources in products or features that might not resonate with your audience.

Enhanced Engagement

Craft compelling messaging and experiences that resonate with your customers on a deeper level, driving higher engagement and loyalty.

Improved Iteration

Continuously refine your offerings based on behavioral feedback, allowing you to iterate and improve your products/services more effectively.

Greater Market Penetration

By deeply understanding your customers' behaviors, you can penetrate new markets more successfully and expand your customer base

“Product market fit is hard work, and EV accelerates this by taking a behavioral approach to where the value is hidden and they do so by being a great partner and nimble thinkers.”

Andy Van Solkema

OwnIt | Chief Product Officer
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Advisory & Consulting

Creating a successful product requires more than just great idea. That's why we offer a range of advisory services to help your team navigate the complex landscape of product ideation, design, validation and launch.

Design and Development

We specialize in helping companies bring innovative products to market from idea on a back of a napkin to a fully functioning scalable product.

Product and GTM Audit

Discover the untapped potential of your product and go-to-market (GTM) strategy with our behavioral focused comprehensive audit. Our experts delve deep into your product's to identify areas for improvement.

We Wrote the Book

Decoding the Why explores how high growth companies can integrate the power of behavioral science to unlock product & go-to-market strategies.

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