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Turning your concepts into a reality

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Problems We Solve

Our product prototyping service help teams overcome a number of challenges.


Unclear Vision

Transforming an idea into a digital product can be nebulous; we add clarity.

Costly Changes

Making alterations post-development can be expensive. Prototypes minimize these costly deviations by ensuring clarity from the start.

User Disconnect

Without prototypes, user experience can be misjudged. We ensure product designs are user-centric from the outset.

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Our Prototyping Process

Ensuring a methodical approach for product prototyping

Idea Conceptualization

We meticulously examine its potential alignment with current market trends and the specific demands of target users. By comparing the idea against these critical factors, we ensure that the foundation is strong and poised for success, guaranteeing that the product not only stands out but also effectively addresses real-world user requirements.


We harness a myriad of tools and methodologies to understand the nuances of the industry, competitor landscapes, and evolving consumer behaviors. By analyzing these facets, we glean insights that shape the product's direction and design, ensuring it is both innovative and resonant. This exhaustive research approach guarantees that our strategies are well-informed, data-driven, behavior-driven and tailor-made to position your product for optimal market success.

Prototype Creation

We merge the vision with behavioral science insights to sculpt detailed and interactive prototypes. Drawing on our research findings, we craft models that not only reflect the intended design but also anticipate and align with user behaviors and cognitive patterns. This integration ensures that our prototypes are not just visual representations but are also deeply rooted in real-world user interactions, laying the foundation for a product that resonates with its intended audience from its very first iteration.

Market Validation

We test the prototype with a subset of the target audience to gain invaluable feedback rooted in genuine user interactions and behaviors. This feedback, enriched by the lens of behavioral science, enables us to assess the product resonance. This multifaceted approach to validation ensures that the product is not only technically proficient but also primed to meet genuine market needs and user preferences.

Case Study: Yearly

↑ 270% ARR | ↑ 146% ACV | ↓ $80k cost

Using realistic prototypes & behavioral science to unlock the next level of growth

Screen capture of the Yearly product website.

The Benefits

The Benefits

At each stage during the product lifecycle different challenges arise.
We're there every step of the way.

Cost Efficiency

By identifying testing and validation the product early, save significantly on development costs.

Market Validation

Prototypes allow early market validation, reducing the risk of product failure.

Clear Roadmap to Success

Walk away with a well-defined roadmap, ensuring efficient resource allocation and a streamlined development process.

Informed Decision Making

Decision aren't made based on gut but rather real market and user feedback.

Stakeholder Alignment

Prototypes help align all stakeholders, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Reduce Risk

By validating the idea, potential pitfalls and challenges are identified early, minimizing costly mistakes down the line.

“Product market fit is hard work, and EV accelerates this by taking a behavioral approach to where the value is hidden and they do so by being a great partner and nimble thinkers.”

Andy Van Solkema

OwnIt | Chief Product Officer
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Product and GTM Audit

Discover the untapped potential of your product and go-to-market (GTM) strategy with our behavioral focused comprehensive audit. Our experts delve deep into your product's to identify areas for improvement.

Advisory & Consulting

Creating a successful product requires more than just great idea. That's why we offer a range of advisory services to help your team navigate the complex landscape of product ideation, design, validation and launch.

Prototyping & Validation

You have an idea but you're not quite ready to build yet. Let us help you bring your idea to life, validate the market need and align your team around a product vision.

We Wrote the Book

Decoding the Why explores how high growth companies can integrate the power of behavioral science to unlock product & go-to-market strategies.

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