A spreadsheet software that lets you import and refresh data from SQL, Stripe, Salesforce, Hubspot and more

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What it is

Actiondesk is an innovative tool that functions like a spreadsheet but offers much more. It's designed for businesses to import, compute, and visualize data from various sources. Actiondesk integrates seamlessly with different software applications and databases, allowing users to automate their workflows and make data-driven decisions more efficiently.

The Benefits


Tech startups can use Actiondesk to streamline their data management processes, thus saving time and resources.


Actiondesk’s ability to integrate with different software applications and databases makes it a versatile tool for tech startups, especially those using multiple tools for their operations.


The tool allows tech startups to automate their workflows, thereby reducing manual effort and the risk of errors.

Data-driven decision making:

Actiondesk helps tech startups make informed, data-driven decisions, a crucial aspect for their growth and success.

The Drawbacks

Learning curve:

Although Actiondesk is a powerful tool, it can have a steep learning curve, especially for those not familiar with data management tools.


Depending on the budget constraints of a startup, Actiondesk might be an expensive tool to invest in, especially in the early stages.

Overwhelming features:

Some users may find the variety of features in Actiondesk overwhelming and not all features may be useful for every startup.

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