No-code platform to build business apps

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What it is

AppSheet is an innovative platform designed to allow users to create and deploy mobile apps directly from data sources like Google Drive, Office 365, and Salesforce. It eliminates the need for coding, making it a user-friendly platform for building custom apps. Businesses can use AppSheet to develop applications for project management, customer relationship management, and inventory tracking among others.

The Benefits


For tech startups operating on a tight budget, AppSheet provides a cost-effective solution. There's no need for extensive resources or a dedicated team to create mobile apps.

Easy to Use

AppSheet's no-code platform makes it easy for anyone to design and launch an app, regardless of their technical skills. This means even non-tech startups can benefit from it.


This platform enhances efficiency by automating business processes. It's a great tool for streamlining operations, which is crucial for tech startups that need to focus on growth.


AppSheet allows for high customizability, enabling startups to build apps that perfectly suit their specific needs.

The Drawbacks

Limited Design Options

While AppSheet is a great tool for creating functional apps, it does have limitations when it comes to design. The aesthetics of the apps created might not be as polished as those developed using traditional coding.

Dependent on Data Sources

AppSheet requires a data source to function. If a startup does not have a suitable data source or if there are any issues with the data source, it can limit the functionality of the app.

Educational Curve

Despite its no-code platform, there's still a learning curve involved in understanding how to best use AppSheet and its features. It may take some time for users to fully exploit its potential.

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