An add-on that allows to pull data from various apps to Google Sheets on a set schedule with no coding required!

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What it is is a powerful data integration tool that allows businesses to import data from various sources into a single platform. It essentially functions as a data pipeline, facilitating the connection between different data sources like Google Sheets, Excel, Airtable, and databases to your preferred data destination. It's designed to automate and streamline your data management tasks, making it easier to access, analyze, and utilize your business data.

The Benefits

Automation of Data Transfer

With, tech startups can automate their data import tasks, reducing the time and effort required to manually handle data. This leaves more time for analysis and decision making.

Improved Data Management

By consolidating data from various sources into one platform, startups can improve their data management, ensuring that all relevant information is easily accessible and ready for analysis.


Compared to employing full-time data management personnel or investing in extensive software, offers a cost-efficient solution for startups operating on tight budgets.

Easy to Use

The tool is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy even for non-technical users to set up and manage their data imports.

The Drawbacks

Limited Free Tier

While does offer a free tier, it has limitations on the number of rows and data sources you can import, which may not be sufficient for some startups.

Complexity for Large-Scale Data

For startups dealing with large-scale data or complex data sets, the tool might be a bit challenging to use effectively without some technical knowledge.

Dependence on External Data Sources relies heavily on the reliability and availability of your external data sources. Any issue with these sources could affect your data import process.

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