Feedity is a web-based service that generates RSS web feeds for web pages without a web syndication format.

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What it is

Feedity is a unique online tool that allows users to create an RSS feed from any public webpage. With its smart extraction algorithm, it converts static web pages into dynamic, updatable content feeds. This tool is particularly useful for startups looking to track updates on web pages that do not provide their own RSS feeds.

The Benefits

Real-Time Updates

Feedity provides real-time updates, which means startups can monitor changes to competitor websites, industry trends, or market news instantly and stay ahead of the curve.

Easy Integration

The RSS feeds generated by Feedity can be easily integrated into a variety of applications and platforms, making information dissemination more efficient for startups.

Enhanced Productivity

By automating content tracking, startups can free up time and resources that would otherwise be spent on manual site monitoring.


Feedity allows users to tailor their RSS feeds to their specific needs, enhancing relevance and usability for startups.

The Drawbacks

Public Pages Only

Feedity can only extract information from public webpages, which may limit its usefulness for certain applications or industries.


While Feedity offers a powerful toolset, it can be complex and intimidating for users without a technical background.


While there is a free version of Feedity, it is quite limited. To access its full range of features, startups will need to invest in a paid subscription, which may be a deterrent for some.

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