Acollaborative online whiteboard platform designed to allow distributed teams to work together in real time

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What it is

Miro is an online collaborative whiteboard platform that enables teams to work together, asynchronously or in real time. It's a visual collaboration tool that helps teams of all sizes ideate, plan, and design work more efficiently. Miro provides an engaging, intuitive, in-person collaboration experience with multiple features including sticky notes, freehand drawing tools, text, and images. It's a powerful tool for brainstorming sessions, agile workflows, remote team meetings, and design work.

The Benefits

Enhanced Collaboration

With Miro, tech startups can collaborate in real-time or asynchronously, making it easier for remote or globally distributed teams.

Visualizes Complex Ideas

Miro helps in breaking down complex ideas into understandable chunks with its visual tools, aiding in problem-solving and decision-making.


It integrates well with popular tools like Slack, Google Drive, and Atlassian suite, making it easier to bring all work into one place.


The platform is scalable, meaning it can grow with the startup, from a small team to a large company.

The Drawbacks

Learning Curve

While Miro is feature-rich, it might take some time for teams to get used to the platform.


For cash-strapped startups, Miro could be a significant cost, especially as the team grows.

Performance Issues

Some users have reported performance issues with larger boards, which can slow down the workflow.

Limited Offline Capabilities

Without a stable internet connection, using Miro can be challenging as it has limited offline functionalities.

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