We empower line-of-business teams to automate backoffice workflows without the help of a developer.

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What It Is

Ninox is a cloud-based data collaboration and database platform designed to provide a workspace for teams. It allows users to create custom databases without needing any coding knowledge. Ninox offers a variety of templates for different industries and use-cases, including CRM, project management, inventory, and more. Its key features include data synchronization, customizable fields, data import/export, and a built-in calendar.

The Benefits

Easy Collaboration

For tech startups, Ninox provides an excellent platform for easy collaboration. Team members can work together on tasks, share information, and keep track of project progress all in one place.


The platform is highly customizable, allowing startups to tailor the databases according to their specific needs. This can be incredibly beneficial for tech startups that may have unique data requirements.


With Ninox, startups can save significant time on data management. Its automated processes and synchronization of data across all devices help streamline workflows.


Compared to many other database platforms, Ninox is quite affordable. This can be a major advantage for startups operating on a tight budget.

The Drawbacks

User Interface

Some users find Ninox's user interface to be less intuitive and more complex than other platforms. This can lead to a steeper learning curve for some team members.

Limited Integrations

Ninox has limited third-party integrations. This could potentially hinder seamless workflow if a startup relies on other tools that do not integrate with Ninox.

Customer Support

Some users have reported less than satisfactory experiences with Ninox’s customer support. This could be a potential drawback for startups that may need immediate assistance or guidance.

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