Otter improves business team productivity by providing an app to capture, share and recall all of your meeting notes.

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What it is

Otter is a voice meeting notes app that transcribes your conversations, meetings, calls, and other voice conversations into searchable notes. It uses AI to generate rich, searchable, shareable notes that automatically recognize and highlight key information.

The Benefits

For tech startups, Otter has several significant benefits:

Efficient Meeting Documentation

Instead of manually taking notes during meetings, Otter transcribes the conversation, allowing team members to focus on the discussion.


Otter's AI-powered transcriptions are searchable, making it easy to find specific information from past meetings.


By automating the process of note-taking, Otter saves startups valuable time that can be used on other tasks.


Otter allows users to share their notes with others, fostering collaboration within the team.

The Drawbacks

Despite its benefits, Otter also has some drawbacks:


While Otter's transcriptions are generally reliable, they may not be 100% accurate, especially with complex terminology or heavy accents.

Privacy Concerns

As all conversations are transcribed and stored, there could be potential privacy concerns for sensitive information.

Dependence on Internet Connection

Otter requires a strong internet connection to work effectively, which could be a drawback in areas with poor connectivity.

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