Process Street

Allows teams create, track, and optimize business process workflows.

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What it is

Process Street is a modern process and workflow management tool that provides businesses with a streamlined way to manage recurring workflows for their teams. It provides businesses, especially tech startups, with a simple way to create, track, optimize and automate their standard operating procedures (SOPs). This tool is particularly useful for team and task management, employee onboarding, content promotion, and client management among other functions.

The Benefits

Streamlined Workflow Management

Process Street is particularly beneficial for tech startups as it helps to streamline workflow management. It allows for the creation and implementation of SOPs, ensuring consistency and efficiency in operations.

Team and Task Management

This tool offers features that facilitate team and task management. It enables startups to assign tasks, track progress, and ensure accountability among team members.

Enhanced Employee Onboarding

Process Street provides comprehensive templates for employee onboarding, making it easier for startups to train new hires and integrate them into the company.

Improved Client Management

With Process Street, tech startups can enhance their client management processes. They can create client onboarding templates, manage client interactions, and track all client-related tasks effectively.

The Drawbacks

Limited Customization Options

One of the drawbacks of Process Street is its limited customization options. While it provides a number of templates, the ability to tailor these to specific business needs can be somewhat restricted.

Complexity for New Users

While Process Street is a powerful tool, it can be complex for new users. The sheer number of features and functions can be overwhelming for tech startups that are not familiar with process management tools.


The cost of Process Street can be a significant drawback for startups operating on a tight budget. While it does offer a free version, the more advanced features are only available in the paid plans.

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