Sheety API

Turn your Google Sheet into an API.

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What it is

The Sheety API is a tool that transforms Google Sheets into APIs. It allows users to read, write, and update their Google Sheets from any application, including those built on web, mobile, or server platforms. This means that Google Sheets can effectively be used as a simple and intuitive database, making it an extremely valuable tool for startups and developers who want a straightforward way to manage data.

The Benefits


Sheety API offers a simple and intuitive way for startups to manage data. By converting Google Sheets into APIs, it eliminates the need for complex databases, making data management much more accessible for startups with limited technical resources.


For startups operating on a tight budget, Sheety API is a cost-effective solution. It allows startups to use Google Sheets as a database, eliminating the need for costly database software or professional database managers.


With the Sheety API, startups can access their Google Sheets data from any application, including web, mobile, or server platforms. This offers a high level of flexibility, allowing startups to adapt to changing needs and circumstances.

The Drawbacks

Dependence on Google Sheets

One drawback of Sheety API is that it is wholly dependent on Google Sheets. If Google Sheets experiences downtime or other issues, this will directly impact the functionality of the Sheety API. This reliance could be a potential risk for startups.

Limited Advanced Features

While Sheety API is excellent for basic data management, it may not offer all the advanced features that more complex databases do. Depending on the needs of the startup, this could limit its potential applications.

Privacy and Security Concerns

As Sheety API utilizes Google Sheets, any data stored is subject to Google's data privacy and security protocols. For startups handling sensitive information, this could raise potential privacy and security concerns.

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