SpreadsheetWeb is a software based company.

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What it is

SpreadsheetWEB is a robust platform that allows users to convert Excel spreadsheets into web applications without needing any coding knowledge. It offers a simplistic way to transform your data-driven Excel models into secure, responsive, and database-driven applications. The tool also provides advanced features, such as user management, workflow, and reporting capabilities.

The Benefits

Easy Conversion of Spreadsheets into Web Applications

SpreadsheetWEB eliminates the need for complex coding, allowing tech startups to easily transform their Excel spreadsheet models into functional web applications. This streamlines the process and saves time.

Enhanced Data Security

With SpreadsheetWEB, startups can secure their data-driven applications. The platform ensures that your data is secure, reducing the risk of breaches.


SpreadsheetWEB offers scalability, making it ideal for startups. As your business grows, the platform can accommodate your increased data needs without affecting performance.


For startups operating on a tight budget, SpreadsheetWEB is a cost-effective solution. It eliminates the need for hiring a dedicated team to code and manage web applications.

The Drawbacks

Limited Customization

While SpreadsheetWEB is great for converting spreadsheets into web applications, it may not suit businesses that require highly customized solutions. The platform's customization options are limited compared to building a web application from scratch.

Learning Curve

Despite its user-friendly interface, there could be a learning curve involved for those unfamiliar with Excel or web app development. This could slow down the adoption process for some startups.

Dependence on Excel

SpreadsheetWEB's functionality is tied to Excel. Hence, startups that don't use Excel or prefer other spreadsheet software might find it less beneficial.

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