Launch targeted surveys, replays, and prototype tests in minutes to collect relevant insights from the right users.

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What it is

Sprig is a user research platform designed to provide businesses with the necessary tools to collect, analyze, and act on user feedback. By integrating this tool, startups can directly engage with their customers, obtaining real-time insights that can be leveraged to make data-driven decisions. Sprig, formerly known as UserLeap, offers multiple types of microsurveys that can be embedded directly into products, allowing for continuous learning and improvement based on customer feedback.

The Benefits

Real-time Insights

With Sprig, tech startups can gain immediate insights from their users. This allows for quick iterations and improvements based on real-time feedback.

Easy Integration

Sprig is designed to be easily integrated into the product, enabling startups to seamlessly collect user feedback without disrupting the user experience.

Data-Driven Decision Making

By providing in-depth analysis of user feedback, Sprig helps startups make data-driven decisions, hence improving their product and business strategies.

Improved User Experience

Through continuous learning and improvement based on customer feedback, Sprig can help startups enhance their user experience, thereby improving customer satisfaction and retention.

The Drawbacks

May be Overwhelming for Small Teams

For very small teams or single-founder startups, the amount of data collected and analyzed by Sprig can be overwhelming and difficult to manage.


While Sprig offers powerful features, it can be quite costly, especially for startups that are just starting out and have a limited budget.

Not Suitable for All Types of Businesses

Sprig is primarily designed for tech startups. Thus, it may not be suitable or offer the same benefits for startups in other industries.

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